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April 26, 2015The 9th Annual Landis Cyclery Bartlett Lake Olympic & Sprint PLUS & Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon

May 3, 2015Tribe Multisport presents the 6th Annual Mesa Spring Adult Sprint/Mini/Plus Triathlon & Duathlon & Youth Triathlon

May 17, 2015STRONG KIDS YMCA Presents The 2nd Annual Dash & Splash Adult & Youth Run & Swim

YMCA pool

June 07, 2015Prescott Athletic & Tennis Club Presents The 5th Annual MAXI & MINI Sprint & Youth Triathlon & Duathlon

Tri for the Cure

July 5, 2015The 7th Annual Talus InMotion & Foot & Ankle JCC Scottsdale Firecracker Revers Adult & Youth Triathlon & Duathlon at Southwest Valley Regional YMCA

YMCA pool

Attention all Tri-Family Racing entrants,

Due to massive pool leaks, soil testing, unforeseen problems and parts procurement problems the JCC Scottsdale pool will remain closed for repair until late July/August 2015. Due to these problems and potential for not having the pool ready for either of our Summer races we are forced to cancel these two very popular races. We are in the process of trying to locate a possible replacement race at an alternative site as soon as possible. Sorry for the huge inconvenience. For any questions please contact Mark at

July 26, 2015Talus InMotion Presents The 3rd Annual Reverse JCC Scottsdale Adult & Youth & Relay Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

September 06, 2015The 3rd Annual "First Responders" Adult & Youth & Relay Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

September 27, 2015The 9th Annual Talus InMotion JCC Scottsdale Fall Adult & Youth & Relay Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

October 4, 2015The 10th Annual Landis Cyclery Bartlett Lake Olympic & Sprint Triathlon/Duathlon

October 25, 2015The Southwest Valley YMCA presents the 6th Annual Halloween SPRINT Triathlons & Duathlon & Youth Triathlon

YMCA pool

November 26, 2015The 12th Annual Shamrock Farm's Rockin Refuel Southwest Valley Family YMCA Thanksgiving Day Youth, Adult & Relay Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon

YMCA pool